Nurturing Love & Compassion

Need a compassionate worker to help your household? Look no further!

Nurturing Love & Compassion

Need a compassionate worker to help your household? Look no further!

Green Employment - Your Best Maid Agency in Singapore

Instill Love & Compassion
Socially Responsible
Professional & Sincere

The Green Story

Green Employment is a licenced Singapore maids employment agency dedicated and committed to the cause of making positive impact to the lives of our candidates, employers and society we operate in. At Green Employment, we specialize in helping you hire best maids in Singapore who are known for their love & compassion. We currently have 2 outlets, in Toa Payoh and Serangoon

Helmed by a team of professionals with many years of experience in the Singapore maids employment industry, Green aims to raise the best service standard via sustainable recruitment practises and innovative ideas. Our mission is to improve happiness and satisfaction level of the employment ecosystem from source country recruiters, candidates, employers, to third party service providers, Association, NGOs and governing bodies like Ministry of Manpower, Embassies in Singapore & etc.

Our Services

Our team of professionals are ready to assist you in all Singapore maid related matters. Ensuring the best services.
We have many ready Indonesia Maids / Myanmar Maids / Filipino Maids for best selection in Singapore
We have candidates with elderly/ disabled caregiving experience
For families with urgent caregiving needs, we will try to match your need with Transfer Maids
We can assist you to process and bring your suitable maids candidate into Singapore legally and smoothly
We will be as supportive and prompt to ensure a long-lasting employer-maid relationship in Singapore

GREEN-IES, who serve with hearts

We name our domestic worker candidates ‘GREEN-ies’, which stands for ‘GREEN nannies’.

GREEN-ies come from Indonesia, Myanmar & the Philippines. By working with reliable overseas partners, careful screening and selection, training for the first timers, we aim to provide quality and qualified best candidates to Singapore families based on the needs and requirements.

Traits that we expect from and that we try to instil in our candidates:
Love & Compassion, Caring, Disciplined, Good attitude, Good tempered (patient), Honest, Hygienic (clean), Proactive, Respectful, Responsible.

Why Green?

Professional team with ‘Above & Beyond’ Service Level
We are optimistic that future can be greener and better
Quality & qualified best candidates with ‘Love & Compassion’
We serve with heart and sincerity
Clear fee structure and refund policy
Personalized matching services

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