Singapore Maids Employment Services

Free Maids Employment Consultation
Our team of professionals are ready to assist you in all maid related matters in Singapore. We would love to understand more from you, for a more fruitful and effective engagement later on.
Our expert recruitment team is ready to assist you in all maid-related matters. We have a diverse pool of qualified candidates from Indonesia, Myanmar, and the Philippines with comprehensive biodata for your selection in Singapore. We work closely with you throughout the screening and selection process to find the perfect match for your household.
Hiring Maids in Singapore
Hiring Caregivers in Singapore
Discover dedicated caregivers with extensive experience in elderly and disabled caregiving in Singapore. Some of our candidates even have nursing aid training backgrounds. Contact us if you have specific caregiving needs, and we'll find the right domestic helper fit for you.
For families with urgent caregiving requirements, we offer a solution through our Transfer Maids in Singapore. These experienced professionals can be deployed faster than new maids / domestic helper, providing immediate support when you need it most.
Hiring Transfer Maid
Hiring Direct Hire Maid
If you've identified a suitable maids / domestic helper candidate from overseas (Indonesia, Myanmar, the Philippines, Hong Kong, China), we can guide you through the legal and smooth process of bringing her to Singapore. Count on us to handle the details.
Our commitment doesn't end with the hiring process. We understand that maintaining a positive employer-maid relationship is crucial. We provide continuous support and engagement to ensure a happy, lasting partnership that goes beyond the contract period.
Maid Post Deployment Services

Other Services

Work Permit Renewal Process

Home Leave Process (Filipino & Indonesian)

Passport Renewal (Filipino & Indonesian)

Repatriation Service

Maid Insurance

Maid Training Courses (by our training partner)

Why Green?

Professional team with ‘Above & Beyond’ Service Level

  • Experienced team with many years of experience in the industry
  • We offer professional advices and swift solutions for all your employment needs
  • We aim to set the bar for service standard in the industry, before & after sale

We serve with heart & sincerity

  • At GREEN, happiness and satisfaction is important for our team and for our clients
  • We seek mutual trust and understanding that will act in your best interest when issues arise
  • For needy families, please talk to us. We have special assistance package for you

Quality and qualified candidates with ‘Love & Compassion’

  • Besides competency & profile, we focus significantly on attitude and character
  • Our candidates are not perfect, so please give them time and space to adapt and improve
  • Issues are inevitable in a relationship, we understand the issues and will work with you closely to improve/ resolve it

Clear fee structure and refund policy

  • We wish to build lasting relationship with you, not just a one-off business transaction
  • If you think we are not up to the mark, we will try harder
  • If still doesn’t work out, we have clear refund policy for you as an option

We are optimistic that future can be greener and better

  • We continuously find ways to give back to society where we operate in
  • We take action to support our candidates and their families back home
  • So, give us a chance to serve you, and serve the future!