Cultivating ‘Love & Compassion’ in Domestic Employment: A Call for Empathy in Domestic Worker/ Caregiver Relationships

In recent times, concerns have been raised about the working conditions of domestic workers/ caregivers in Singapore, shedding light on issues such as overwork, verbal abuse, salary problems and etc from employer’s end, and stealing, abusive behavior, runaway & etc from helper’s end. 

At Green Employment, we not only acknowledge these concerns but also advocate and promote the values of ‘Love & Compassion’ in the employment relationship, particularly for families employing domestic helper/ caregivers, and vice versa, for candidates looking to work as domestic workers/ caregivers here. We firmly believe that fostering a culture of empathy and understanding is not just a moral imperative but also essential for creating a healthy and harmonious work environment.

Why ‘Love & Compassion’ Matters:

Human Dignity and Well-being:

Every individual, regardless of their employment status, deserves to be treated with dignity and respect. ‘Love & Compassion’ form the foundation of recognizing the inherent worth of each person, ensuring their well-being is prioritized.

Mitigating Forced Labor Indicators:

There were concerns that some complaints from domestic workers/ caregivers may indicate forced labor situations. By promoting ‘Love & Compassion,’ employers can actively work towards mitigating these indicators, creating a supportive and fair working environment.

Commitment to Conscious Employment:

‘Love & Compassion’ require conscious efforts from all parties involved in the employment relationship. Employers, candidates, and employment agents should commit to nurturing these values, fostering an atmosphere where understanding and open communication prevail.

How to Nurture ‘Love & Compassion’:

Clear Communication:

Establish open channels of communication between employers and domestic workers/ caregivers. Encourage them to voice their concerns, ideas, and feedback, creating a collaborative and inclusive environment.

Fair Working Conditions:

Ensure that working hours and conditions are fair and in compliance with labor laws. ‘Love & Compassion’ extend to providing a safe and conducive workplace that promotes physical and mental well-being.

Recognition and Appreciation:

Acknowledge the contributions of domestic workers/ caregivers and express appreciation for their efforts. Small gestures, words of gratitude, and recognition can go a long way in creating a positive and respectful work atmosphere.

Training and Skill Development:

Invest in the training and skill development of domestic workers/ caregivers, empowering them to enhance their capabilities. This not only benefits the worker but also adds value to the employer-helper relationship.


At Green Employment, we strongly advocate for the promotion of ‘Love & Compassion’ in the employment relationship, especially in households that employ domestic helper/ caregiver. By fostering these values, we believe we can contribute to a work environment that respects the dignity of every individual and actively works towards eliminating the risk of forced labor. Through conscious commitment and efforts from all parties involved, we can create a harmonious and mutually beneficial employment relationship. Let’s strive for workplaces where love, compassion, and understanding are at the core of every interaction.